Top 5 reasons why cloud could benefit your business

“Why should I move to the cloud?” – Here you get the top five reasons why cloud should be part of your digital transformation strategy:

1. Security & Compliance

Be better protected against cyber attacks by being in a professional cloud. Professional providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS) have deep pockets to invest millions of dollars in security measures. Usually they follow Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) best practices like separation of duties and layered defense architecture. At the same time they adhere to global and industry-specific regulatory compliance.

2. Different Buying Experience

Buying software in a Software as a Service (SaaS) model – instead of license model -removes the hassle to deal with hardware refreshes and massive upgrades every few years. You can plan for IT spend just like any utility such as power or lights or water. Behind this really is a pay-per-use approach that is easy to budget.

3. Innovation at Your Pace

Always be current and innovate at your own pace. Take advantage of the ever-growing set of innovations, from business collaboration to mobility tools. Ensure you are always current in the rapidly evolving digital era and drive innovative business solutions that add value to your organisation and customers.

4. Performance & Scalability

Be successful and grow. The cloud allows access to computing power when you need it. Have the flexibility to scale up or down based on usage. Working in an automated agile operating model lets you create a next-generation IT infrastructure that is ready and easy to manage across all future business scenarios.

5. Focus on Core Business

Focus on your core competencies. There is no need to hire an army of administrators and IT experts. Who needs to spend money on rooms full of hardware that need regular maintenance and administration just to keep the basic system running? Leave operational IT management to others and let them take care of it for you.

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