Cloud is the great enabler

We all want great digital experiences. Those that improve the way you work, connect with other people, or generate value for your customers. Cloud technology paves the way to those great experiences. Cloud is a powerful fuel that can drive us to the next level. Cloud enables you to engage with your work and with the world on any device, from anywhere.

Cloud provides endless opportunities. Cloud is the biggest thing since the internet and it continues to change how we operate. People and organizations want to unlock its full value. They want to innovate, unleash productivity, and drive great experiences. But where shall they start? Cloud’s complexity can intimidate and confuse. That’s why I want to strip all technical jargon and simply show tips and tricks so you can make the most out of it.

My mission is to show you the benefits of cloud and how you can use the technology to your advantage. This website will show you how to leverage cloud technology so you can focus on your goals, align your organization – and transform your business and your life.

Let’s get started!



My background is all management – from school to business school. To me, management is all about people. It is all about team work. In the end, it is teamwork that makes the dream work. Today I have the privilege to work with wonderful colleagues at enterprise software company Infor. We want to make people's work lives great experiences and help organizations transform their business.

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